Innovative Challenge Fund

Community Development Society (CDS) No. 1 & 2 of Basirhat Municipality has obtained two special projects from Innovative Challenge Fund (ICF) under Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor (KUSP). The projects are a) Geriatrics Programme at Basirhat Municipality and b) Functional Literacy of TCG members at Basirhat Municipality.


CDS No. 1


Project Title: Geriatrics Programme at Basirhat Municipality

This project mainly aims at improving the old age care and services through equipping 22 CDS women members through para-nurse technical training on old age medical care and support and setting up of a call center on old age care at the Municipality level.


Objectives of the project:


 Socio-economic empowerment of 22 CDS women.


 Better old age care and service delivery within the specified wards.


 Setting up of a call center on old age care at the Municipality level to cater to the 60+ old age people for home-based support.


CDS No. 2

Project Title: Functional Literacy Programme of the T & CG Members


Primary level literacy program for illiterate TCG members from 1-22 wards under Basirhat Municipality. The project also seeks to educate them till the primary level through bridge camps and further mainstream the TCG women members to the Rabindra Mukto Vidyalaya to pursue further education.


Objectives of the project:


 Identification of the number of illiterate TCG women, majority belonging to the minorities, from wards no. 1-22 wards of Basirhat Municipality.


 Education of the identified women up to the primary levels, through bridge camps, upon completion of which the women would be mainstreamed into the Rabindra/Netaji Mukto Vidyalaya in the local vicinity.


Training of the 22 CDS members on ‘Bridge Education’ Methodology to act as Master Trainers in the Project