Approval of Building Plan (up to 8 meters height)

Residential Building:

1) Latest Tax receipt (photocopy).
2) Deed plan (photocopy) or Parcha (photocopy).
3) Three copies plan.
4) Two copies site plan.
5) Building sanction Form

Beyond Third Floor Extra Papers required :

1) Structural drawing
2) Design Report
3) Soil test Report

Fees :
First 30 sq. m. 500/- (Basic)
Beyond then every 10 sq.m -75/- (For covered area)

Commercial / Industrial Building:

a) Sanction time of B/plan - One Board meeting required + 10 working days from date of submission of plan
b) Papers required - Same as residential plan

Fees :
First 30 sq. m. 3000/- (Basic)
Commercial - Beyond then every 10 sq. m - 450/-(For covered area)
Width of means of Access (in meters) Maximum Permissible height
a) 1.8 M. to 3.5M. 08.00M
b) Above 3.5M. to 6 M 11.00M
c) Above 6.0 M 14.50M

Sanction or Refusal of Building plan

Sanction or Refusal of Building Plan Including Multi Storied Building :

a) The pre-conditions for an application for building sanction plan: Person/persons having right of erection on a plot of land, or who is the owner of a plot of land having deed of conveyance and mutation certificate and has no dues towards property and other Municipal tax may apply for a building sanction plan subject to details covered in para (c).

b) Parameter of rate chart on various items of building sanction: This varies from time to time.

c) Occasions when orders for demolition or stoppage of building are issued: Any construction work carried out without a valid sanction plan is liable to demolition. Initially, after detection of such illegal construction, a stop work notice is served. The cases where there is danger and /or violation of rule, Basirhat Municipality authority may directly demolish the structure without giving chance of hearing.

Renewal of Building plan

Renewal of Building plan

1. Building plan remains valid for first three years
2. If building not completed within three years, renewal for two years is permitted.
3. If building not completed within two years, renewal for further five years is permitted. Documents required for renewal

a. Approved building plan
b. Application in plain paper
c. Up to date receipt of Tax