Issue of Birth & Death Certificate

General Information:

1. Birth or Death certificates can be obtained only if the event of birth or death is registered.
2. Under the existing Registration of Births & Deaths Act 1969 any event of the birth or death is to be compulsorily registered within 21 days of its occurrence.
3. Births or deaths occurring in places within the area under Basirhat Municipality jurisdiction can only be registered by the Basirhat Municipality.

Issue of Birth & Death Certificate:

1. Application Form to be purchased from the Cash Section, Basirhat Municipality..
2. Duly filled up form (in English CAPITAL Letters) along with photocopy of discharge certificate given by the Hospital/ Nursing homes in case of Birth and Cremation Certificate from Crematorium in case of Death to be submitted at the Birth & Death Registration Dept.
3. After receiving certificate from Sanitary Inspector the fees is required to be submitted at the Cash Section.
3. The money receipt and application form to be submitted to the Sanitary Inspector.

Birth Certificate (in case of Domestic Birth)

1) Within 21 days from the date of Birth 1) Certificate from Doctor.
2) Certificate from respective ward Councillor.
3) Ration card of parents.
2) After 21 days from the date of Birth 1) Affidavit from Class-I Magistrate.
2) Application form.
c) Above 6.0 M 14.50M

Solid Waste Management:

The Municipalities within the region are facing huge problems regarding their various Infrastructural services. In the last century up to 70’s the amount of solid wastes generated in this Municipal area were simply thrown in the nearby water bodies and vacant lands. The type of these wastes was mainly Organic i.e. easily degradable. Solid wastes collected from Markets were used to be dumped for filling up the low-lying areas.

However, gradually with the increase in population, the quantity of generated wastes increased at an alarming rate. With it came the non- biodegradable materials like plastics since 1980. To keep the environment clean, vats at different locations, dustbins, handcarts etc. came into existence. People objected this system of vats as those created environmental nuisance in case of irregular clearance. Municipality is planning to collect waste from doorsteps and directly dumped in the landfill site.

Door-to-door daily waste collection system has been introduced in four wards namely, Ward Nos. 6,7,8,& 9.

In Basirhat Municipality, the quantity of solid waste generated per capita per day was 75 grams. The quantity of solid waste generated per day was 8 Metric Tons. The quantity of solid waste collected per day was 8 Metric Tons.

As per UDPFI Guidelines, the generation of waste varies from about a quarter of kilogram in small towns to about half a kilogram per capita in large and metro cities. Solid Waste Generation projection

The waste projection for 2025 of Basirhat Municipality has also been estimated assuming the quantity of generation as 250 gms per capita per day, as per UDPFI Guideline and considering the strong potential for growth of the Municipal area.