1) Mutation form to be purchased from Cash department, Basirhat Municipality

2) Affidavit (through court) in which the details of land and/or building to be mentioned and names of all the claimants to be mentioned including the signatures of all marries and unmarried claimants.

3) Photocopy and blue print of original Dalil (One set) along with the Photocopy of Parcha.

4) Photocopy of Last tax payment received. (in case of holding mutation).

5) Each Certificate of the Deceased person.

6) All the document should be submitted in the Receiving counter of Basirhat Municipality.

Tax- Mutation Rules of Application:

1) Tax and mutation form to be purchased from Cash Department, Basirhat Municipality.

2) Up-to-date Tax bill.

3) Original Deed and other documents required at the time of Hearing.

4) Area plan is required.

5) Photocopy Tax bill of previous owner or the holding number of lateral owner is required.

Advertisement Tax

1. No person shall erect, exhibit, fix or retain upon or over any land, building, wall, hoarding, frame, post, kiosk or structure any advertisement or display any advertisement to public view (other that newspaper advertisement) in any manner whatsoever, visible from a public street or public place (including any advertisement exhibited by means of cinematograph), in any place within a municipal area without the written permission of the Chairman.

2. Rates as per W.B. Municipal Act, 1993

a) In the case of posters Re. 1.00 per sq. m per month
b) In the case of non-illuminated advertisements Rs. 100.00 per sq. m per month
c) In the case of illuminated advertisements Rs. 200.00 per sq. m per month

Rules: Application form has to be purchased from the Cash Section, Basirhat Municipality

Duly filled in application form has to be submitted at the Receiving Section, Basirhat Municipality.

Basirhat Municipality will serve demand notice to the applicant.

The applicant will have to submit the requisite fees within 7 days from the date of receipt of Demand Notice.