Basirhat town is very close to the metro city Kolkata, located on the banks of river Ichamati, having rich cultural and historical importance and its proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site SUNDERBANS. Some important tourist spots are mentioned below:


 Ghojadanga International Border is 15 kms by road from Basirhat.

 Titu Mir’s Bamboo fort at Swarupnagar is located 7 kms from here.

 Chandraketugarh is an archaeological site located beside the river Bidyadhari about 15 km from Basirhat. This is one of the best historical places of India. King Chandraketu used to stay here.

 Birth place of Baba Lokenath at Kochua 12 Kms from Basirhat.

Birth place of freedom fighter Sahid Dinesh Chandra Majumdar at Basirhat.

 Residence of Sir R.N.Mukherjee

Shahi Masjid and Neora Dighi built during the period of Akbar

 Gateway to Sunderbans takes 8 hours by river ways.

 Residence of Dr. Md. Sahidulla of Bhasa Andolan

 Birth place and ashram of Swami Brahmananda and Ram Krishna Mission at Sikra Kulin Gram at a distance of 5 Kms from Basirhat.

 Red Mosque of Pir Gorachand at Haroa which is 10 Kms from here.



Icchamati Picnic Garden and Sahid Dinesh Mazumdar Sishu Park


The ”Icchamati Picnic Garden and Sahid Dinesh Mazumdar Sishu Park” is located at Ward No. 16 of Basirhat Municipality covering an area 32.14 acres of land with a water body. The Municipality collects the entry fees from its Picnic spot as follows:



Charges (in Rs.)

Entry Fee per head


Spot booking for Picnic (per spot per day)