The KUSP, in full Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor, is one of the newest additions to Department for International Development’s (DFID) continuing endeavor to reduce urban poverty in India.



KUSP Roll out Programme in Basirhat Municipality


 Draft Development Plan 2008-09 to 2012-13: Basirhat Municipality has prepared a draft development plan covering five years. The DDP proposals have been prepared based on requirements of the citizens came out of different sensitization programmes, ward level and municipality level workshops, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and different in-depth interviews with the concerned stakeholders. Analysis of different primary data sources gathered from socio-economic household survey, field visits and interview with the identified groups. The DDP of Basirhat Municipality has been submitted to DPC, North 24 Parganas on December, 2008 and received incentive of Rs 12.00 Lakhs. Accordingly, Basirhat Municipality has also prepared Annual Development Plan 2008-09 and 2009-10.


Basirhat Municipality is implementing the projects as committed in the DDP and ADPs. The major projects in the pipeline are construction of surface water treatment plant, preparation of municipal website, construction of guest house and many more.


 Accounting Reforms: As part of e-governance and bringing transparency in municipal administration, Basirhat Municipality has prepared the Opening Balance Sheet. Computerised Double entry accounting system has been introduced from March, 2008. Basirhat Municipality has fully migrated to double entry accounting system.


 Citizens’ Charter: Basirhat Municipality has also prepared the Citizens’ Charter as an initiative to solve problems which citizens of Basirhat encounter everyday while dealing with public services provided by the Basirhat Municipality. It is the expression of an understanding between citizens of Basirhat and Basirhat Municipality with respect to quality and quantity of services, citizens receive in exchange of their taxes. The Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in India are the main providers of basic services. With the passage of the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act 1992, there is increasingly more pressure on the ULBs to ensure better service delivery to the citizens of Basirhat. Citizens’ Charter in this aspect has become very important, which is a commitment of Basirhat Municipality to its citizens about the services and standard of services that it provides to its citizens. The Citizens’ Charter is a written declaration by Basirhat Municipality about the service standards, choice, accessibility, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability. It is in accordance with the expectations of citizens. The Citizens’ Charter has been displayed at major locations within Basirhat.